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 Why STELR? Video

Why STELR? Video

STELR is a ready-to-use STEM resource that:

  • Is hands-on, inquiry-based, and in-curriculum.
  • Shows students that science and maths are relevant to their lives.
  • Increases student enthusiasm for and engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) subjects.
  • Provides career profiles which highlight the study pathways necessary for jobs in STEM - related industries.

STELR is an initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).
ATSE is committed to advancing STEM Education.



STELR is activity-based. Students learn by carrying out problem-based multidisciplinary investigations using contemporary, highly relevant and authentic topics.

STELR has developed robust and enticing equipment sets to increase the fun and effectiveness of the hands-on activities.

STELR increases teacher confidence and effectiveness.




STELR uses contexts that are relevant to students, such as global warming and renewable energy.

STELR’s inquiry-based learning approach engages and challenges students and teachers. Students actively pursue science knowledge through guided and then open inquiry.

STELR encourages evidence-based thinking and highlights inspirational technology-based careers for young Australians



The STELR program is taught within the curriculum so that it is available to all students, not just the science 'whiz kids'.

STELR develops science literacy skills and life-long active learning skills.

STELR is flexible - allowing each school to individualise its science programs as well as provide an effective tool for teacher support.

STELR programs align with Australian and New Zealand curriculum guidelines for science and maths.

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