The ATSE STELR team has produced a series of 19 video profiles featuring female role models and entrepreneurs from STEM fields. The role models are drawn from all states and territories in Australia and cover a wide range of STEM careers.

The videos will inspire girls (and boys) to pursue STEM careers and aim to boost enrolments of girls in STEM subjects in senior years of schooling by highlighting study pathways.

Click on each image to see the videos for each individual:

You can also see some compilation videos:

STEM at work
Curious about STEM careers? Be a Change Maker!
STEM is an inspiring force for solving problems in the world and making a difference to people's lives.

From high school to STEM career
Thinking about careers and choosing which subjects to do in high school can be confusing.
Find out how STELR’s inspiring Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship found their way

STEM Entrepreneurs
Curious about Entrepreneurship? How to go from having an idea, to making it real?
These Women in STEM are each on their own unique journeys as entrepreneurs while also making a difference

Curriculum Support

Classroom activities and curriculum materials support the videos. These include written profiles of all the women, background information about their careers, career worksheets and entrepreneur worksheets. They will be available online in late June.

Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship Poster

You can download a PDF of a poster featuring the 20 women featured in the videos here.


Videos from the series have been road-tested with focus groups of girls, boys and teachers with very positive responses from all.

I didn’t realise that STEM had so many really interesting jobs. I thought that if you liked science you would just go in to a lab or something. I didn’t actually realise, it looks really really interesting and I will research it.” –

Focus group comment


This project received grant funding from the Australian Government.