Wind Energy Additional Resources

Here are some wind energy resources for teachers and students using the STELR program.

Wind Energy - Australia Energy Futures

This is an edited podcast from Radio National's Science Show. It was part of the Australia Energy Futures series broadcast in 2015. You can read a transcript of the original show. Others in the series include Solar Energy - Australia's Energy Futures, Hydro Energy - Australia's Energy Futures , Nuclear Energy - Australia Energy FuturesGeothermal Energy - Australia Energy Futures and Energy from Oceans - Australia's Energy Futures

New interactive Wind Resource Map

The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI) has published an interactive map that allows you to view the average annual wind speed for any place in Australia

Designing and 3D printing your own turbine blades

You can download the specifications for the STELR red wind vane to use as a basis for designing your own wind vane. A .stl file for the red wind vane is also available.

Download the Wind Energy Revision PowerPoint 

Download the Case Study of the Snowtown Wind Farm in South Australia.