Sustainable Housing

 The 'STELR Sustainable Housing Kit unpacked' video.

The 'STELR Sustainable Housing Kit unpacked' video.

Students use the context of energy efficient sustainable houses to:

  1. learn about the particle model of matter
  2. investigate the 3 states of matter
  3. investigate how heat is transferred by convection, conduction and radiation
  4. investigate different materials used in housing (windows, insulation, roofing)
 Sustainable Housing equipment student Kit

Sustainable Housing equipment student Kit

Students build a model low energy house.

  • They conduct inquiry-based investigations into the effectiveness of building materials.
  • They investigate careers and study pathways in the housing industry.
  • This module uses a purpose-built equipment pack. A class-set comprises eight student kits and two teacher kits.

Maps to year 9 Physical sciences

Energy transfer through different mediums can be explained using wave and particle models


  • exploring how and why the movement of energy varies according to the medium through which it is transferred
  • discussing the wave and particle models and how they are useful for understanding aspects of phenomena
  • investigating the transfer of heat in terms of convection, conduction and radiation, and identifying situations in which each occurs
  • understanding the processes underlying convection and conduction in terms of the particle model
  • investigating factors that affect the transfer of energy through an electric circuit
  • exploring the properties of waves, and situations where energy is transferred in the form of waves, such as sound and light