STELR at Physics conference - 19 Feb at Monash University

Teachers who are attending the 2016 STAV/VicPhys Conference on Teaching Physics on 19 February at Monash University in Clayton, Victoria are reminded to look out for the STELR trade display and also sessions C2 and D4:  

Alternative energy investigations using STELR wind an solar, presented by Gary Bass.
Wind and solar energy and readily available sources for physics investigations throughout prep to year 12. Using simple materials, the STELR wind and solar kits provide access to a sequence of ideas which culminate in load balancing the electricity generated by 3D printed turbine blades. Many areas of STEM studies can be chosen to be incorporated within the (VicCurriculum required) mainstream core concepts.
Equation of time, sundials, earth in space, seasons, latitude/longitude can all reasonably included in solar: while wind encourages investigations into air speed, lift, drag, wind tunnels as well as generator resistance load, MPPT will be discussed and a model suitable for secondary schools demonstrated. Wolfram Mathematica simulations (OSX /Win only) will be provided for both wind and solar energy studies suitable for students from gr 5 to yr 12. Macleod P-12 College was an early adopter of STELR energy investigations, and has further developed student investigations into a wide variety of variables using data capture technologies(Vernier) and Mathematica data visualisation.