STELR Workshops at CONASTA - July 5-9, Perth

Teachers who are considering attending the national science teachers' conference, CONASTA, in July 2015 this year are reminded to look out for two STELR sessions.

STELR Sustainable Housing Workshop

The sustainable housing module has been developed  in collaboration with Wollongong University, Deakin University, Southern Cross University and Charles Darwin University.  This multidisciplinary module is designed to be taught at year 9 level. It maps into the Physical Sciences strand of the Australian National Science Curriculum. Topics include: Design your habitat; Energy transfer and transformation;  Heating and cooling; Particle model of matter;  Transfer of heat by convection, conduction (particle model of matter) and radiation (wave model for energy); Sustainable house design; Inquiry-based investigations into building materials..  The activities are supported by an Australian-designed and manufactured equipment pack with a data logger.  

iSTELR - Renewable energy and a whole lot more

 iSTELR programs incorporate topics that are relevant to students using inquiry-based learning and including access to a  web based delivery and classroom management platform.  Participants will be able to experience samples of the new iSTELR online modules either using their own devices (ipads, tablets or laptops) or using the computers provided.  They will be guided through the features using real time activities.  The benefits of the cloud based technology will be discussed including strategies for students to pace their own learning, the ability to ‘flip the classroom’ allowing time to focus on practical activities in the classroom.  All participants will be signed up to an iSTELR sample pack before the session.  This will include units on global warming, sustainability, oceans, fuels and space science.  Science as a human endeavour will also be explored by looking at career case studies.