Solar Energy - Additional Resources

Here are some additional solar energy resources for teachers and students using the STELR program.

How solar (photovoltaic) cells produce electricity

This video animates the process by which solar cells transform solar energy into electrical energy. The animation is provided courtesy of the School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Engineering at the University of New South Wales.

Barefoot Power

Barefoot Power is an Australian company focusing on providing affordable renewable energy to people in developing countries. They design, manufacture and distribute micro-solar lighting and phone charging products to help low income families break their dependence on inefficient, expensive and harmful light sources by giving them cleaner and cheaper options. 
View and download the Case Study - Barefoot Power, Lighting the World

CAT Projects in remote areas

CAT Projects is a professional engineering consultancy based in Central Australia providing national and international clients with expert engineering services and advice on energy and infrastructure projects. CAT Projects is a subsidiary of the Centre for Appropriate Technology, Australia's peak Indigenous science and technology organisation.  
View and download a case study about their Bushlight India solar project in the remote Indian village of Maligoan.

Flexible Solar Panels

This video highlights the work of CSIRO's Flexible Electronics Laboratory in Clayton, Victoria  where researchers are developing low-cost, light-weight, printable and flexible solar cells. These cells could be used in the future to generate electricity on a huge range of surfaces. STELR staff recently visited the lab and saw the cells made into electricity-generating vertical blinds. The video is from the Think Ahead exhibition, Scienceworks, Museum Victoria. Used with permission.

Solar Energy - Australia Energy Futures

This is an edited podcast from Radio National's Science Show. It was part of the Australia Energy Futures series broadcast in 2015. You can read a transcript of the original show. Others in the series include Wind Energy - Australia Energy Futures, Hydro Energy - Australia Energy Futures, Nuclear Energy - Australia Energy FuturesGeothermal Energy - Australia Energy Futures and Energy from Oceans - Australia Energy Futures

Concentrated Solar Thermal

Concentrated solar thermal plants use mirrors to heat up either oil or melt salt, which is then used in a heat exchange to generate steam to dive a turbine and generate electricity. The Clean Energy Council website explains the different designs used for solar thermal generators and you can also download a fact  sheet, 

View and download the Case Study – Green Cities 

Download the Solar Cells Revision PowerPoint