iSTELR is an enhanced learning environment for students, incorporating  multimedia and interactive elements. For teachers, it provides a simplified workflow – student work is instantly accessible and teachers can provide feedback as required. Teachers do not have to use the iSTELR content in a prescriptive manner. One of the major features of iSTELR is the ability for teachers to take the standard content and modify it for their students – either by deleting or adding questions or by altering the sequence. In addition, teachers are able to create their own activities for students to complete.

iSTELR is powered by Stile, an exciting new Australian product that makes it simple for teachers to assemble their own materials or materials from the web, to create elegant, interactive lessons which the students can complete online.

iSTELR provides a digital version of the STELR Renewable Energy workbook. It has been split into 3 modules for use at multiple year levels:

  •          STELR Unit 1: Investigating Energy
  •          STELR Unit 2: Understanding Energy
  •         STELR Unit 3: Powering Earth

New STELR modules are being developed for delivery through iSTELR. 

Operating Systems for iSTELR

iSTELR works on the following devices: PC, lap tops, Apple macs, iPads, Android tablets, smart phones. iSTELR  operates well on the following web browsers: Internet Explorer (IE9 or later), Firefox and Google Chrome.

See a video of iSTELR features here

Who can use iSTELR/Stile?

The use of iSTELR (and therefore Stile) is FREE for teachers and students who are participating in the STELR program. STELR schools can enrol into iSTELR using the 'Enrol STELR school in iSTELR' form.

What about non-STELR schools?

You can experience iSTELR in student mode by signing up for iSTELR Demo using the form below.

You will see the three renewable energy modules of  iSTELR as students do. You can do tests, view videos, upload photos and videos, produce concept maps and see a range of inquiry-based activities using the context of renewable energy.

Sign up for a demo of iSTELR here by filling in the details below

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