Spreading the STELR message in Jakarta

STELR equipment was used in a workshop held on February 24 at the Mutiara Harapan Islamic School in South West Jakarta. The theme of the workshop was Community Building, as the school’s commitment is to build a better society. The program’s overarching theme this year is ‘Our 21st Century Classrooms’.

MH Islamic school.jpg

The workshop was attended by 60 local primary school teachers. It was conducted by Maftuchah Sari, a Physics and Chemistry teacher at the school. Last year Maftuchah Sari attended a five-day STELR STEM teacher-training workshop in Bandung Indonesia and we are very pleased to see that she is spreading the word to primary teachers in her region.

Long-time STELR sponsor Orica, donated one STELR Electricity and Energy student and teacher kit to the school as part of their Global Community program.