New grants announced for Maker Projects

The Australian Government will provide $4 million over the next four years for eligible Australian schools and community organisations to set up dedicated maker spaces to offer students the ability to develop STEM skills through hands on experience in aspects of design, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Around 75 per cent of the jobs of the future will require qualifications in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.  Therefore it is crucial we equip Australian schools with the right tools to encourage young people to engage with a range of technologies that will prepare them for the workforce of the 21st Century.

Maker Projects will offer grants of between $2 000 and $5 000 for schools to cover the costs of tools, equipment such as STELR kits, specialised furniture and consumables needed to establish maker spaces that encourage STEM experimentation and tinkering in a supervised and accessible environment.

Maker Project grants will be allocated over the next four years to eligible applicants on a ‘first in basis’ until the annual allocation is exhausted.  

To apply and for more information visit