Prime Minister's Prizes for Science

STELR would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2017 Prime Minister's Prizes for Science.

In particular we would like to congratulate Mr Brett McKay from Kirrawee High School which has been a STELR school since 2012. Brett received the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching in Secondary Schools for his achievements in inspiring his students to love science and to use it in their daily lives. Brett told us that he uses the STELR Renewable Energy Equipment to link the curriculum to relevant and everyday contexts that engage the students.

We would also like to congratulate ATSE Fellow, Laureate Professor Eric Reynolds AO, who won the 2017 Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation. As a young dental researcher, Eric discovered a protein in dairy milk that repairs and strengthens teeth. Today, that protein, sold as Recaldent, is used by millions of people every day as they chew gum and visit the dentist. Products using Recaldent have generated sales of over $2 billion to date, and it has been estimated they’ve saved over $12 billion in dental treatment costs worldwide. Eric's research team at the University of Melbourne  have also developed a test and vaccine for severe gum disease which are now being commercialised by CSL and their partners.

A full list of winners can be seen here.