GE unveils its largest onshore wind turbine

wind-onshore turbine.jpg

GE Renewable Energy has unveiled its new 4.8–158 onshore wind turbine, its largest high- efficiency turbine to date, targeting low to medium wind speed sites, such as those found in Australia.

The new 4.8MW wind turbine, GE's first onshore entry in the 4MW space, is equipped with a 158-metre diameter rotor and a range of tip heights up to 240 meters.

It features high-tech blades, improved loads and controls, and taller, more cost-effective towers. Danish company, LM Wind Power, developed the 77-meter-long blades. The carbon blades enable flexibility, allowing GE to offer its customers a high-efficiency product while continuing to drive down levelised cost of electricity (LCOE).

The turbine meets a lower standard of noise emission levels, achieving a 104-dB level during normal operations, and facilitates up-tower repairs and troubleshooting with an up-tower electrical system.

GE Renewable Energy, with more than 22,000 employees in more than 55 countries, has installed more than 400 gigawatts (GW) of capacity globally.

In June last year STELR News reported that LM Wind Power had developed the world’s longest wind turbine blade (88.4 metres). It is used for offshore wind turbines.