DJs NERVO showcase engineering’s appeal in national campaign

Australian DJ duo NERVO has launched a new song and video clip as part of Made By Me, acollaborative project between eight leading Australian universities and Engineers Australia which aims to help address the gender disparity and skills shortage in the field.

The video clip for People Grinnin’ ft The Child of Lov, features female engineers creating android versions of NERVO. It draws attention to how engineering applies to everyday life – beyond just roads and buildings – in a bid to attract more diverse students to the discipline.

Miriam and Olivia NERVO studied engineering so idea of the project immediately resonated with them.

“When we did engineering, we were the only girls in the class. So when we were approached to get behind this project it just made sense.

“We loved the chance to show the world that there is engineering in every aspect of our lives. We’resound engineers, but our whole show is only made possible through expert engineering. From the makeup we wear, to the lights and the stage we perform on. Engineering makes it all possible, including the music that we make,” the duo said.

Dr Alex Bannigan, Made By Me spokesperson and Women in Engineering Manager, UNSW Engineering states that for the last twenty years, the number of young people, especially girls, studying STEM subjects for year 12 has been declining steadily, while in the engineering industry, Australia is currently faced with a severe talent shortage. In 2014-15 skilled migration supplied more engineers to the field than Australia’s education system did.

“The message really is – if you want a meaningful job that can lead you anywhere, engineering is a great choice,” Bannigan added.

As well as seeing the video clip, at the Made by Me website you can also see profiles of 22 engineers.  There is also a 'Behind the scenes' video.