Engaging Science Grants of interest to Queensland schools

The Queensland Government has recently announced a program called Engaging Science Grants which provides amounts of up to $10,000 for eligible Queensland-based applicants, including schools and school communities.

The program for which applicants can apply, must meet at least one of the Engaging Queenslanders in Science Strategy’s goals. One of these goals is STEM participation: to increase the number of students participating in STEM subjects. 

Evaluation of the STELR Renewable Energy Program shows that over 60% of schools report increased engagement of boys and girls in science classes and 50% of schools reported an increase in enrollment in year 11 STEM subjects after having completed STELR lessons.

The STELR program also aims to increase the general level of science literacy of students and to increase teacher capability, especially in the area of Enquiry-based Learning.

If you are considering applying for an Engaging Science Grant, you may wish to include STELR modules (Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Solar cars and/or Sustainable Housing) as part of your application. Applications can be made online.