Innovators honoured with the Clunies Ross Awards

The prestigious Clunies Ross Awards, Australia’s premier innovation commercialisation awards, have been given to a select group of Australia’s pre-eminent innovators who persisted with their ideas to provide broad economic, social or environmental benefits.

Dr Elaine Saunders, from Blamey Saunders hears, in the Entrepreneur of the Year Category, for her work to successfully disrupt hearing service provision in Australia, through challenging current business and pricing models. Her world-leading, cost-saving hearing aid system in conjunction with a world leading telehealth service could reduce the cost of hearing health care by approximately 70 per cent. 

Professor Maree Smith FTSE, from University of Queensland, in the Knowledge Commercialisation Category, for her significant and sustained contributions to pain relief and pharmaceutical development which was the basis for Australia’s largest-ever biotech deal, estimated at around $A1 billion. Her work offers hope to millions of people around the world suffering from nerve and chronic inflammatory pain.

Professor Peter Murphy, from University of South Australia, in the Innovation Category, for his world first plastic automotive rear view mirror which to date has seen more than 1.5 million mirror assemblies manufactured in Adelaide and exported to the US with a total export sales value to date at around US$162 million. It improves driving efficiency, contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and will not shatter in a collision, lowering driver and passenger risk of eye and face damage.

 Professor Maree Smith, Dr Elaine Saunders and Professor Peter Murphy

Professor Maree Smith, Dr Elaine Saunders and Professor Peter Murphy