STEM careers and climate change

The STELR program aims to increase the number of students choosing STEM careers by, amongst other things, raising awareness of opportunities in STEM related careers. We encourage teachers to round-off their STELR module by having students browse The Career Profiles on the website and complete the Career in Renewable Energy activity. The activity can be downloaded from the STELR website.

Ri Aus has published a teaching resource available entitled Climate Change: The Myths, the Facts and making well-Reasoned Judgements. The comprehensive teaching notes are aimed a Science and Civics and Citizenship teachers of students in Years 8 to 12. It can be downloaded here.

Using the context of climate change, covers critical thinking processes, ethics and actions while making students aware of the current and future STEM careers that will be available to them.

There are a number of additional articles, videos and books listed throughout.