A new Online Careers Resource for secondary students

The ATSE STELR program has partnered on a national initiative called the Australian Day of STEM.

Day of STEM is an online platform, powered by LifeJourney, which allows students, teachers and parents to experience what it would be like to work in a range of STEM-related careers.

Students can log onto the LifeJourney Day of STEM web platform through their school, where they can browse a variety of video profiles of (took out the number) different STEM mentors from leading organisations across the nation. Once they have chosen a mentor, they participate in on-line activities and virtual field trips to gain insights into the mentor’s job and the company for which they work.

The on-line activities are designed to be undertaken either in class time or in the student’s own time over the course of a year, with activities typically taking from 10 to 45 minutes each, providing STEM and careers teachers with a valuable and easy-to-use teaching resource.

The platform introduces students to the day-to-day work, challenges and achievements of their STEM mentor(s) and explores the hard and soft skills needed to pursue a future in STEM-based careers.

The on-line platform also provides schools and teachers with dashboards which help to inform their guidance and direction of students’ careers, and every student receives a STEM Resume.

The Day of STEM program will go live in May 2016. Teachers can pre-register to be part of the Day of STEM program by entering in the number of students anticipated to participate. Once the platform is live, teachers will receive their activation keys.

There is NO COST to participate.

Check out the Day of STEM video.