STELR in the Philippines

STELR Program Manager Pennie Stoyles, will be running a STELR professional learning workshop in the Philippines on 15 October 2015. Thanks to our principal sponsor, Orica, class sets of the STELR Renewable Energy equipment have been donated to three schools in the Bataan region on the island of Luzon. The lucky schools are near one of Orica’s manufacturing facilities in the Philippines and they are Camacho National High School, Samal National High School and Mariveles National High School which is hosting the workshop.  The Philippines is in the process of introducing a new curriculum and their Department of Education has approved the STELR kits, saying that: ‘their content is very well aligned with the Science Curriculum in the new K-12 Basic Education Program’. Two teachers from each school will attend, along with two representatives from the Pitts Modern School in Gomia, India. This school has also been sponsored by Orica, who are flying the teachers to the Philippines for the workshop.