STELR resources feature at Indonesian Education Expo

Earlier this month the STELR Renewable Energy Kits were demonstrated at the 2015 Bontang Education Expo from 9 – 12 November. Bontang is a city on the island of Borneo in the East Kalimantan Province of Indonesia. Teachers from two schools in Bontang received class sets of STELR Renewable Energy kits through a generous donation made by STELR’s principal sponsor, Orica. The two schools were chosen for sponsorship due to their proximity to Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia , an ammonium nitrate manufacturer which is a joint venture between Orica Investment (Indonesia) Pty Ltd and local partners.

The teachers from SMP IT Darrul Hikmah and SMPN 1 Bontang had recently attended training (see Engagement with Asia, STELR News September 21, 2015) and enthusiastically promoted the STELR equipment to visitors to the Expo.