Wind turbines in the news

We have recently been reading about wind turbines and found some articles of interest to teachers and students using the STELR Renewable Energy and Wind Energy modules.

Good Science and Bad Science of Wind Turbines

The Conversation’ published an interesting article last week critiquing the reporting in the daily press, of a wind turbine study and also the contents of the study. It is a useful article to assist your students thinking about the scientific process as well as the reporting of science. A step-by-step guide to help when reading similar studies is provided. It covers such issues as sample size, peer review, questioning the motives of those who commissioned the study and the trustworthiness of data.

Wind Trees

Earlier this month it was reported that a French start-up company, NewWind, is developing a wind turbine shaped like a tree and designed to be used in urban or even domestic settings. There are plans to have a prototype installed at the Place de Concorde in Paris during 2015. While each of the ‘wind trees’ does not generate as much electricity as a much larger and more conventional turbine, it could be argued that they are far more aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand,  are they more aesthetically pleasing than real trees? What do you think?

A number of articles have been published about the 'wind trees' including at IFLS and at Serious Wonder.

 Photo Credit: Newwind

Photo Credit: Newwind

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