Cadetships and Internships

Companies and government departments sometimes offer cadetships and internships. They provide a work experience and training


A cadet is a person in training. Some organisations offer cadetships where you can undertake formal training and obtain a recognised qualification, while at the same time, undertaking paid work and receiving on-the-job training and workplace experience. They are usually aimed to lead you into a longer-term career with that company and/or in that industry.


An internship is like a cadetship but usually they are offered to people towards the end of their formal training with the aim of providing some workplace experience for the intern. Internships are usually for a shorter period (for example 3 – 6 months) than a cadetship and serve as a stepping-stone in your career pathway towards a full time job.

Cadets and Interns generally are paid, but less than people in the regular workforce. Some not-for-profit organisations offer volunteer internships that are not paid.