Renewable Energy Equipment

STELR Multimeter

Detailed instructions on use of the STELR multimeter

Replacing the fuse in the STELR multimeter

Replacing the battery in the STELR multimeter

STELR Solar Panel

Connecting the solar cells in series and parallel

Two PowerPoint presentations showing how to connect the solar cells on the STELR solar panel in series and in parallel.

Measuring power from the solar panel

 This video shows how to measure the power from a solar panel connected in series


Replacing the halogen light globe in the STELR lamp

Step-by-step instructions on how to replace the light globe in the STELR lamp.

STELR Wind turbine and hub

Measuring blade angle for the STELR wind turbine

Step by step instructions on how to measure blade angle using either the marks on the wind turbine hub or the downloadable STELR protractor. 

STELR Hand-cranked generator

Setting up the STELR hand-cranked generator

Printable step-by-step instructions on how to set up the hand-cranked generator using the STELR wind turbine and the STELR hand-cranked generator mount which is supplied in the STELR Renewable Energy teacher kit.

Using the hand-cranked generator mount

This video shows how to use the wind turbine with the hand-cranked generator mount.

STELR Pelton wheel

How to use the Pelton wheel

A video showing how to use the STELR Pelton wheel to demonstrate hydro-electricity.

STELR Energy toys

How to make a 'cotton reel car'

A video showing how to use a rubber band and the cotton reels supplied in the STELR Renewable Energy kit to demonstrate energy transformations.

How to make a 'flik flak'

A slideshow giving step-by-step instructions on how to make a jumping 'flik flak' using a plastic card and a rubber band.

Solar Car Equipment

Constructing an API STELR solar car from the kit

A  video has been produced to show you how to construct the API STELR Solar Car. Thanks to power engineer, Jarman Stephens, (2014 API Bursary holder) and videographer, Thomas Cotter, for producing the How to Build a Solar Car video.

You can also access a PowerPoint presentation giving step-by-step instructions to construct a basic solar car.

Changing Gears on the API STELR solar car

A new video has been produced showing how to change the gear configuration for your API STELR solar car. It is the second video in the series produced by Jarman Stephens and Thomas Cotter. We suggest students only work on changing the gears once they have constructed and tested their car.

Sustainable Housing Equipment

How to use the data logger to record temperature

A video showing the features of the data logger that is provided with the STELR Sustainable Housing equipment.

Instructions sheets for the STELR measuring devices

PDFs of the instruction sheets that accompany some of the STELR devices can be downloaded here: