Career Profiles Miscellaneous

Claire Di Corleto

Occupational Health and Safety advisor for Rio Tinto

"Every day is different. One day I might be doing chemical reviews and updates, drug testing, dust and noise monitoring or taking part in investigations to ensure we are meeting our noise and dust requirements"

Emma Dellar

Specialist Project Geologist for Rio Tinto

"Ensuring our site geoscience specialists collect and analyse the best possible data"                          

Jordan Parham

Research and Development Manager for the Centre for Energy Technology, University of Adelaide

"The Centre for Energy Technology is a group of researchers from a range of disciplines working to produce technologies to reduce climate change" 


Jessica Welch

Research Scientist for Molecular and Health Technologies, CSIRO

"I am researching potential uses of Australian fungi for converting biomass, such as wood, sugar cane waste and other plant materials, into sugars that can then be processed into biofuels such as ethanol, for transport"

Nicole Kuepper

PhD Research Student at the ARC Photovoltaics Centre of Excellence, University of New South Wales

"I am researching a new silicon solar cell called the iJET Cell that will be able to be manufactured in developing countries by using simple, inexpensive and widely available equipment such as inkjet printing" 

Holly Withington

Geologist, Database & Modelling for New Hope Group

"My daily duties can cover anything from field staff supervision, exploration planning, cartography, geological modelling, coal quality, resource estimation and reporting, regional geological investigations, Government reporting, providing due diligence and M&A assistance"

Chris Parker

Site environment advisor for Dampier Salt

"Monitoring, reporting, project involvement, rehabilitation, fauna rescue, snake handling, approvals, hydrocarbon management, inductions, awareness training, contractor management, bird surveys, feral animal management, community events and anything in between"

Dr Andrew Smith

Senior Principal Research Scientist for ANSTO

"I am trained as physicist and the technique I use at ANSTO is called Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, or AMS for short"

Carolyn Vigar

Energy Lawyer for Minter Ellison Lawyers                      

"Energy law provides an opportunity for me to work with clients on projects which involve both established and new technology, as well as systems of regulation"

Fiona Greenhalgh

Health & Hygiene specialist (acting) for Rio Tinto

"Identifying potential harmful contaminants to workers, assessing and evaluating the level of exposures to these contaminants using monitoring equipment and then implementing control options to reduce the levels of exposures to the workers to safe levels"

Phillip Sharp

PhD Research Student at the School of Chemistry, The Australian National University

"My work involves creating new molecules (based on inspiration from nature) which may boost food production. This may be used to feed people or contribute to bio-fuel production"                     

Laurie Budd

Research Officer for The Monash Injury Research Institute, Monash University Accident Research Centre

"I usually take Police-reported crash data and use it to evaluate (with respect to crashes) road safety programs such as red light speed cameras, all road safety cameras, and road improvements"            

Lachlan McDaniel

Senior Advisor Indigenous Affairs for Telstra

"My job involves building relationships and projects between Telstra staff and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities"