Renewable Energy

Chris Wilson

Electrical & Renewable Energy Engineer

Government Architect's Office


Kate Vaughan

Closure/Environmental graduate

Rio Tinto

Kylie Catchpole

Research Fellow

ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

Melanie de Leon

Geoscientific Systems & Data Specialist

Rio Tinto

Nicholas Schulz

Automotive Engineer



Merren Wilkinson

Community Officer

Hydro Tasmania

Rick Morgans

Cyclopic Energy


Marteena McKenzie

Project Manager, Research and Policy

CAT Projects


Cindy Hull

Specialist Avian Ecologist

Hydro Tasmania

Daniel Walsh

Wind Analyst/Engineer

Pacific Hydro

Megan Kent

Senior Research Worker

Biochemical Profiling of Micro-algae

Michelle Radlof

Civil and Environmental Engineer

Rio Tinto

Nick Jatan

Senior Electrical Engineer

Entura, Hydro Tasmania

Steven Sewell

Geophysicist (Geothermal Energy)

Mighty River Power

Terry Ives

Generation Technician (Electrical) Level 8

Hydro Tasmania

Angela Rozali

Senior Engineer - Renewable Energy



Alicia Webb

Policy Manager

Clean Energy Council