Engineering Profiles

Tom Bellinger

Mechanical Engineer for Rio Tinto

“I look at maintenance projects across our East Weipa mining operations”

Bernadette Miller-Greenman

Graduate Civil Engineer for Rio Tinto

"I am currently running trials to better understand (and ultimately optimise) the drying          behaviour of bauxite residue slurry"

Bruce Thompson

Business Program Coordinator for Moreland Energy Foundation

"I help businesses, community groups and home owners to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and increase their energy efficiency"

Jessica Stallard

Process Engineer for Dampier Salt                            

"Carrying out laboratory tests on salt samples for         quality purposes, wash plant improvements"         


Maja Barnett

Project Development Engineer for Pacific Hydro

"I have an input at every stage of wind farm development, from feasibility studies to                        construction and operation"

Catherine Hart

Graduate Technical Services Engineer for Orica

"I deliver optimal blast designs and outcomes through safe and efficient blasting techniques where safety, environmental management and cost efficiency are forefront"

Jeannie Sawka

Graduate Drilling Engineer for Origin Energy

"I design and supervise the construction of coal seam gas wells"

Hamish Banks CV Photo.jpg

Hamish Banks

Structural Engineer for Arup

"I work on improving buildings in countries like Timor-Leste and Vanuatu"

Wallace Au

Process Engineer for Dampier Salt

"I provide support to the site process team’s focussing on quality and salt growth"

Camille Meyer-Warnod

Project Manager for Marais-Lucas

"I manage the site constructions for projects such as laying network (water, power, fibre optic cable, gas) underground, in urban and cross-country environments"

Hannah Golding

Mechatronics Engineer for Rio Tinto

"I was in a development team designing the VK1™ Gravity Gradiometer. This airborne survey instrument is being designed to discover and explore ore bodies at higher resolution"

Matthew Bowerman

Graduate Mechanical Engineer for Rio Tinto

"Overcoming day-to-day technical challenges is satisfying, but the greater reward will come at the end of the project: seeing the culmination of the engineering, construction and commissioning work, to deliver a functioning plant"

Joseph Buckley

Process Engineer for Rio Tinto

"I work as a process engineer at a beneficiation (or washdown plant) for the mineral Bauxite (used to make Aluminium)"

Shi Ping Sia

Process Engineer for Rio Tinto

"Monitoring and troubleshooting the refinery process as well as completing projects in process improvement"                                                                                                               

Judd Harris

Graduate Process Engineer for BHP Billiton

Masters student, MPhil in Engineering.

Alexandra Price

Engineer for Energex

"I lead a team of power workers who look after electrical poles and wires in Queensland."