Job Title

Mechanical Engineer


Who do you work for?

I am a Project Manager for Marais-Lucas. We are a joint venture between a French company and an Australian company that specialises in mechanical laying long distance fibre optic networks and power cables to wind farms and other renewable energy installations, as well as oil, gas and water pipes. Using our specially designed machines, we can lay these very quickly, efficiently and safely with minimal disturbance to the landscape – even in dense urban environments. We have completed big projects not only in France but also many other countries, including in Africa and the Middle East. We are now exploring opportunities in Australia. 

What does your job involve?

I manage the site constructions for projects such as laying network (water, power, fibre optic cable, gas) underground, in urban and cross-country environments. This includes planning the construction, working out the budget, organising the worksite, talking with the project engineer about the technical details, and setting up contracts with the suppliers and sub-contractors.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy travelling, being out on worksites and managing people. You learn something new every day. It is very satisfying to complete your project successfully and to know that your client is very pleased with the job.

What can be the biggest challenges of the job?

Resolving the various everyday problems and issues that come up, in the best possible way.

Why did you decide to go into this career?

I always loved building construction, and making something in real from drawings! I was also influenced by my family. I grew up in a very mechanical environment – my parents manage a shock absorber factory.

What did you study and where in your final years of secondary school?

I studied Mechanical Production in my final year of school, which was in Lyon, France.

What did you study at university and for how long?

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the INSA University in Lyon, France. My subjects included Information Technology, Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Science. My course took five years.