STELR aims to raise awareness of opportunities in technology-related careers in order to increase the number of students choosing science and engineering careers and to address the shortage of science and engineering graduates. One of the reasons that students do not choose to pursue these careers is that they often do not understand what the career entails. For example, anecdotal evidence suggests that unless a student knows an engineer, they have little idea about engineering and are unlikely to consider it as a potential career.



Inspirational career profiles

 results from a 2013 survey of schools undertaking the stelr program

results from a 2013 survey of schools undertaking the stelr program

Inspirational career profiles can inspire students in their career choices. Over 40 career profiles are published here for use by teachers. There are video profiles as well as written interviews for careers in engineering, renewable energy and related fields.

A worksheet: 'A Career in Renewable Energy' can be downloaded to help students to evaluate the information provided in the career profiles. 



Additional Career Profiles

You can find even more information about other engineering careers at the Engineering Icons website. 

You might also like to check out the Ace Day Jobs and the My Future Careers websites.

The Australian Power Institute website has additional videos of power engineers talking about their careers.

RiAus, who hosts Australia's Science Channel has Ultimate Careers, deigned to help students to discover their interests and investigate career options. 

Careers with Code is an online magazine that showcases careers linked with technology and coding.

An International jobs website called JobHero contains a page called the Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Career.

School visits

To organise a scientist or engineer to visit your school you can contact the following organisations:

STEM Professionals in Schools program

Engineers without Borders School Outreach program.